Back from Czech Rep!


We're back from our weekend in czech rep. and it was awesome! Thanks to everybody who came to the shows, thanks to jakub and the start today crew, thanks for the cake!! thanks to the people that let us sleep in their appartments and all.. and a very special thanks to karl for driving us!

plzen pics - praha pics (If you have pics or videos of us, send an email please!)

We are confirmed for New Direction Festival 2012 on saturday. If the sun's shining we play in the miniramp, so better bring skateboards! ndf.blogsport.de

There is a nihil baxter site on facebook but it's not run by us but Maz Spastic Fantastic, so if you wanna write to us or want to interact with us in any way write a fucking email 'cause we don't believe in facebook! we won't look at it and we won't write there anything!

btw. check out BARREL! awesome fast hardcore from plzen!!