Summertrip with Napoleon Dynamite

We’re going on tour between the 26th and 31st july 2011 together with our friends in crime NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! If you want us to play in your town get in touch: maz(ät)spasticfantastic.de
See you end july!

26.07. Offenburg, Juz
27.07. Konstanz, Nine Darter
28.07. Mainz, Haus Mainusch
29.07. Münster, Tryptichon (Trash Wars)
30.07. Dresden, Chemiefabrik (Shakshuka Festival)


Leave me alone #3

Check out this lovely fanzine from our Romanian friends.

You can read the zine online here, 
or download it as PDF here.



Interview Trust #145

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erschienen im Trust Fanzine #145/12-10
mit Schmand, Scheiße Minnelli, Smoke Blow, Faust,
Network of Friends, Vertriebsspecial, uvm.


Old Interview for The Crasier Frane Show

Nihil Baxter Interview (Wednesday, 15 October 2008)

Nihil Baxter recently took the time to do an e-mail interview for the Crasier Frane show. Check it out.

First off, can you explain your name? Is it something to do with a German TV character?
Jawohl!, Nihil Baxter is the villian in a german movie by musican/comedian Helge Schneider.

When did you guys get started? You put your demotape out this year, but when did you start practicing and playing shows?
We started practicing in june 2007. Our first show was maybe a couple of weeks later. You can watch the video on our myspace-site.
In February 2008 we recorded our demotape.

Do you find it hard to write songs? There's 18 tracks on your demotape and I don't think any of them are over a minute long. Plus they're all played brutally fast. It seems like you've crammed hundreds of ideas into 12 minutes.
Writing songs is easy. In one practice-session we write at least one song, sometimes more.
We want to keep the songs short because we love short songs, right on the point, no frills.

Were you all in a lot of different bands before you got started with Nihil Baxter or was this your first?
Jo, our singer is a virgin on the bandwaggon. Arno, our drummer played in a german-punk band called "Gut & Billig" which means good and cheap, but the name was exactly the opposite of how they sounded like. Friu played guitar in a even more ridiculous grunge band called "Pathetic" and that's exactly what they sounded like. Markus on bass is also singing in mathcore band "Chainway", the only band in our family tree that doesn't suck.
I was reading some of your lyrics. In Punk Is Dead you talk about a TV station. Can you tell us about that?
Jawohl! It's a former independent german-shit-music-station, now part of MTV-shit-music-station. Don't know if they send any music videos these days, there are always stupid shows and permanent commercial shit when we zap on it accidently (really!).

Do you really feel like punk is dead?
In fact it's more like a verbal sledgehammer, to punch all of these I-bought-a-fancy-punks-not-dead-shirt-at-the-local-mall-guys in their asshole pussies. We don't think punk is dead, but it gets fucked in the head really hard these days, we don't think that we bring punk back we just a bunch of jerks that play punk music the way we think it should sound, pure, angry, fast, faster, fasterer, fastererer.

I don't see any tour dates scheduled on your myspace. Are you going through a quiet patch or are they just not up on your myspace right now?
Our drummer is living like 300 km away and is also working as a tour-manager, so he doesn't have that much time at the moment.

Have you ever toured anywhere really interesting in the past? Do you have any plans to tour interesting places in the future?
Hmm, there is no "past" in our band "history". We've played 15 shows so far, some were good, some sucked. We plan to release a 7' on Spastic Fantastic Records next spring or summer and also a small tour with The Omnipresent Disease.

Are there any new releases planned for Nihil Baxter?
Jawohl!, we're constantly working on new songs and of course the 7" mentioned above.

It seems like DIY is a huge part of your ethic. You put your entire demotape up for free in your myspace blog, the demotape only costs €3 to buy online. I guess you must not make much money out of Nihil Baxter. Do any of you have any interesting jobs to bring in the cash?
Would you say fare-well to well-fare?

Are there any bands you guys would like to recommend? Or even websites/labels/anything you guys think people should check out?
Of course, all the shit on Spastic Fantastic Records, Civil Victim, Lights Out!, Lipkick, Regicide. You also should check out Gay.Edge.Liberation, it's a friends project against homophobia in hardcore.
Any words of advice, or inspiration, to end with?
Don't take any advices from Krauts.

Thanks a lot to Nihil Baxter for the interview. Awesome stuff. Listen to one of their tracks plus a bunch of other amazing German bands in this episode of the show. 
original interview on: http://crasierfrane.blogspot.com/2008/10/nihil-baxter-interview.html


Benefit for Japan's Relief

We contributed a song to a compilation to help the victims of the catastrophe in japan, if you can afford to help please do it.
thx, NxB
"A CD compilation for the relief funds of the victims of the 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.
We gathered over 40 punk, rock and hardcore bands from all over the world to collect money to help the victims of the recent disaster in Japan.
Please give some money for charity in exchange for this CD or Digital download.


Thank you for your help.