Trust #145

Nihil Baxter Interview im neuen Trust Fanzine!

außerdem noch Schmand, Scheisse Minnelli (tourbericht), Smoke Blow, Faust, sowie ein fettes Special zum Thema Tonträgervertriebe in Deutschland und einen exklusiven Vorabdruck aus dem demnächst erscheinenden Buch ”Network of Friends”, die Geschichte des Hardcores in Europa.



Thrash Up My Ass!

Bam! 3 years of Spastic Fantastic and there is no end in sight.3 years since the first sampler and nearly 20 releases later comes the second one. Two sides, over 60 bands in 60 minutes full of short, fast and loud punk stuff. Label bands, friends, acquaintance - some with older hits, some with complete exclusive ones (like Nihil Baxter)! Comes with hq-cover, MP3 code, silkscreened tape bodys and in 4 eyesight-smashing colors (50 lightblue, 50 pink, 50 purple and 100 black)
Get it here: www.spasticfantastic.de



Endlich hat's mal geklappt!

Wir spielen am 10.12. im Kafe Marat in München, zusammen mit unseren Freunden von Bob Rooney.

Außerdem haben wir jetzt auch einen Mediaplayer da oben rechts irgendwo..

Soweit so gut, bis bald



NxB ain't nuthing ta fuck wit'

we've finally figured out how to put music on this blog, here it is. one new song out of five other brand new songs we've recorded in september.

NxB ain't nuthing ta fuck wit' by nihilxbaxter

maybe we play some new songs next week in mannheim, check the new dates. more new old songs in the audioplayer.



17.09. nürnberg

w/ crippled fox (hu) and the rooneys
Kunstverein - 8pm


myspace sucks.

this is going to be the future website of nihil baxter.
and don’t miss the splitEP releaseshow with alarmstufe gerd and omnipresent disease!