Demo 7''

Records have finally arrived, preorderers get their well-sounding vinyl by mail in the next days. There are still some special preoder-versions available in the Spastic Fantastic Store!
Go! Go! Go!

The pressing-plant fucked up the mastertape so the records are all shit! Preorders are already shipped now, but Spastic Fantastic will send you a new one after it's pressed, this will take a few weeks, but you'll get a proper piece of wax for your listening pleasure!

New Releasedate is 19th July 2011!

We're proud to present you our first Demotape on 7'' vinyl. That's the good news, bad news is that it's limited to 300 pieces and only 50 of them are in yellow vinyl with a special screenprinted cover, designed and printed by Dekorlabor!

Preorder now or get ripped off at ebay later