Painting Competition!

Hey kids!
The painting competition ends on October 30! So send in your art piece soon and win a bottle of peppermint-liqueur, a super rare Alarmstufe Gerd / Nihil Baxter Testpress 7'' as well as some other fine crap! Now go and color the shit out of that special cover and send it to nihil.baxter(Ä)gmx.net!!
Btw. the "Debauching the kids 7''" is sold out!

See you on friday in Tübingen and saturday in Siegen!



Debauching The Kids!

Hey Fucks!

We have a new 7'' out with three shitty, old and unreleased songs as well as a surf nazis must die coverversion on it. All taken from the recording sessions for our s/t 7''.

This shit is limited to 50 pieces and comes with a badass silkscreen print on the flip-side. What the fuck? you may think, and you're right! But the pressing plan offered us these for free due to fucking up the demo-7'' lately. There won't be a repress!

You can NOT get these on our shows but only from the SPASTIC FANTASTIC SHOP!