need help in august!

we're looking for some shows on our way to ffus fest in sered', slovakia and/or back..
if you can help us out with putting up a show or let us open for bands you've already booked we'd appreciate it a lot!

we start in the south of germany and our route will be like this: google maps

so people from salzburg, linz, wien, bratislava, brno, austria, slovakia, czech rep., hungary, wherever.. please help us!!

09.8. Linz @ druzba/KAPU
10.8. FFUS festival(sered', slovkia)
11.8. FFUS festival(sered', slovkia)
12.8. NEED HELP!
13.8. NEED HELP!
14.8. NEED HELP!

please get in touch via nihil.baxter(ät)gmx.net (NO facebook messages please, we can't read or reply 'em!)

thanks a lot.. NxB

p.s. NEW DIRECTION FEST was the shit!! sorry for playing so shitty, we promise to practice more and try to drink less..)

p.p.s. if you have a van or camper or a really big-ass car and want to go on tour with us. don't hesitate to send an email.